Mission Statement

OrganiKids empathizes with families who are not currently comfortable with a traditional preschool. We have made it our mission to facilitate HomePods in San Diego, California. Parenting, childcare, and homeschooling are currently being strained during an already difficult climate. Whether your current situation has left you to suspend or delay your child’s preschool enrollment, become your child’s homeschool instructor, or struggle with occupying your antsy toddler while working from home, OrganiKids is your solution created to fully facilitate a safe environment for your children- our students and future generation.

Our mission is to educate and empower our students, families and community about the methods and positive impact of an organic, environmentally-conscious, and sustainable lifestyle. Our goal is to facilitate healthy development by connecting health and nutritional sciences with a child-centered educational philosophy. Our dedication extends beyond the classroom, providing workshops and events to our greater community, educating and celebrating an organic, plant-based and toxin-free lifestyle so the next generation of humankind may emerge healthy, confident and compassionate. OrganiKids strives to equip children with a positive and life-long foundation of capability, citizenship and character. We believe students should understand the importance of their choices in terms of global and societal impact, sustainability, and ethics. As children create relationships within nature, their communities, and to their own mental and physical health, they learn to become themselves, to believe in themselves, and to love themselves.